A Day In Your Life Photography was born as a way to authentically reflect and preserve the precious experience of family life. New York City-based creative director and photographer Susye Greenwood founded the company in 2006, following more than ten years in newspaper and magazine photojournalism.

For many years, friends have sought out Susye’s documentary style of photography for capturing the celebrations of their families. However, it was only after Susye herself became a parent that she felt how deeply important it was to capture the whole story of family life.

Most photographers offer posed portraits which tend to be devoid of passion, poignancy and fun. A Day In Your Life Photography came out of the realization that it is the everyday moments of life that portray the essence of who we are, how we live and what we value.

Susye Greenwood is an internationally published documentary photographer. Her work has been featured in Marie Claire magazine, Esquire magazine and The London Times. She is also a regular contributor to the New York Daily News.