How A Day In Your Life Works:
Step 1 – Preparatory Meeting
Before the A Day In Your Life experience begins, we meet to discuss what you would like the photographer to focus on, as well as, the parameters of the weekend. For example, your family may be planning a weekend at your country house. On Saturday you plan to have a picnic at the lake and on Sunday you will host a brunch for some friends. These will be the main pillars of your weekend, but perhaps you would especially like the photographer to concentrate on the everyday rituals of your family's life – meal preparation, piano practice, homework time, bedtime rites, etc. Conversely, there may be things that you do not wish the photographer to document.
During this preparatory meeting you will have the opportunity to clarify goals and boundaries and to develop a flexible shooting schedule for the weekend.
Step 2 – The Shoot
Once the adaptable shooting schedule is fleshed-out, the photographer begins to photograph the interactions and activities that make up your weekend. (The shoot often begins on a Saturday morning and is completed by Sunday evening.)

Your job as a family is just “to be”. Because the whole intention of A Day In Your Life photography is to reflect your life as you live it, your family need not pose or do anything you would not ordinarily do. The photographer‘s job is to blend into the background and capture the moments of your weekend as they naturally unfold.